Friday, April 1, 2011

After dinner hockey

I absolutely love this time of year. Even though it is raining this morning and it still felt too cold to be walking to school without gloves on, there are sure signs that warmers days are on the horizon.
Days when the kids play outside from morning until night. I love those days.
A sure sign is when the rollerblades get strapped on and a quick game of hockey takes place on the driveway....after dinner. Playing outside after dinner is one of my favorite things about spring.

With the flames on his shoes and on his eye patch,  no wonder that stick is just a blur with his mean slapshot.

Taggart eye update: He is now down to only half an hour of patching a day. That is down from 3 hours when we first started this. His eye is just about up to 20/20 vision and the need for glasses now seems to have become non-existent. Yippee!

And just in case those warmer spring days need a little encouragement to show up a little more often, I hung this on my front door yesterday. I am really enjoying the look of these yarn wrapped wreaths I am seeing all over the craft blogs lately. You might remember the one I hung up in the fall. So I tried my hand at a spring version, even the little branch is wrapped in yarn. Cute, huh?!

Edit: I realized, after some searching that I never posted my fall wreath, so you won't remember it. Unless you knocked on my door during October or November. Here it is for those that are interested.

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Anonymous said...

Have no idea how you guys stay on your feet with 4 wheels on each foot! Looks like fun.
Happy Birthday Coop!!