Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I seem to have lost sight of what is important. Don't you find that sometimes life gets in the way of life?
The life that you really want to focus on gets lost in the busy-ness of every day.
Lately, that is what has happened to me. I don't like it. It feels really bad.
Lately... I have forgotten to hug my kids enough.
Lately... I have nagged them too much to pick up their things off the floor instead of getting on the floor with them.
Lately...I have not picked up my camera to record all the things I know that I will want to remember.
Lately...I have been not been blogging regularly.  I miss that.
Lately...I have been overwhelmed by all the things on my to-do list.

Today I will try harder to focus on the little things that make up our days, months, years, and lives.
Lately, I have forgotten.
Here's a moment I won't forget, because I remembered to pick up my camera and that made me slow down and focus on something lovely.

(Cooper has been reading the first Harry Potter book to Taggart at bedtime - not sure who is enjoying it more)

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Sonya said...

Great picture and definitely a moment worth capturing.