Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer vacation 2011 - Day 1

The weather is still cold so it really doesn't feel like we are on summer vacation, but we are. Today was day one. We all had a bit of a sleep in - except for Tony of course, who is not on summer vacation. :(
I tried to lay down a few ground rules about not too much screen time before breakfast and maybe being dressed before noon. The rules are not too strict as we are on vacation.
We spent most of the morning going through the bags and backpacks that came home yesterday. I am never too sure what to do with half empty glue bottles and broken crayons. What do I keep and what do I throw away? I know a lot of could probably be saved to use next year, but there is just something about all those new supplies in September. There is just something about a brand new box of perfectly sharp crayons that still makes me want to find a coloring book.
But that's enough of that September talk - no more thinking about that for 10 long weeks. And the best thing about today...I did not have to pack any lunches. We sat at the table and all had lunch together. (well, not quite all of us...Cooper had a babysitting job)

And a few photos from Sports Day. Hudson's very last one as next year he is moving on to Middle School. We had an opportunity for all 4 of the kids to be at Sports Day together as the Grade 7 students came over to Sandy Hill to help run the stations. But Cooper's teacher said he didn't hand in his form on time. He claims he never got one. Jury is still out.

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Anonymous said...

Hee, Hee, love the chook on the head race!! Who won? I used to love sports days - too bad Coop, there is always next year! Love, Auntie Leni