Thursday, July 7, 2011

Holiday weekend

When Canada Day and Fourth of July both fall on the same long weekend and you live this close to the American border, what choice do you have but to celebrate both.
Friday was Canada Day and Reagan was performing with her skipping team on the main stage at Rotary stadium for our City's festivities. So of course we all headed down to watch her. Opa even joined us in support of his favorite skipper.
Along with watching Reagan, we enjoyed just hanging out on the grass and eating mini donuts and frozen lemonades.

For some reason this one just cracks me up.

Monday was the Fourth of July. We met up with our 'American' friends at Birch Bay to continue a tradition we started only last year. Only this year we had great weather instead of last year's rain. We brought with us tons of food and even more fire works. The makings of a great day at the beach.
Once the sun just starts to go down, the beach becomes completely lit up with fireworks from one end to the other. It is loud, smoky and probably a little dangerous. The kids love it.

Leslie was handing out dessert so she immediately had all the kids hanging out with her.

I have always said that Cooper is an old man in a kid's body....all he needs is a snack, something to read and a lawn chair.

And in the middle of all that we celebrated Reagan's birthday again - this time with all her friends. She wanted to go to Twisters Gymnastics Club so that's what we did. But the weather was too nice to be inside a stuffy (not to mention smelly) gym for snacks and presents so we set up outside for that part. She had a great time.

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