Sunday, July 17, 2011

Braun Day

We enjoyed a picnic at a park in Burnaby today with my side of the family. We have endearingly named these gatherings "Braun Day" and we have been trying to make them happen a little more often.
I am thankful for that because these people are really great to hang out with and especially when those from a little farther away come home to visit.
Here's the day in photos (and a few names just in case 50 years from now we forget who we are :)

Henry, Mason and Lisa

Reagan, Hudson and Evie

Caleb and Tag

Maisy with Rudy and Opa (So nice to meet you today Maisy...Colorado is much too far)

Maisy and Tina

Wesley and Hudson (Wesley...I'm sorry that your Mom and Dad made you wear your sisters' jacket :)

Erin, Meg and Wesley

Tag with Micah who kept the kids busy with his fishing rods

Cooper entertaining Maisy

David and Maisy having a sword fight, Christine watching

Kids and Opa playing bocci

Looks like Tag and Opa might not agree on who's closest.

It was really nice to see those that we don't see often and especially nice to see the kids playing together with cousins whom some they have hardly met. But there is just something about family, isn't there?

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