Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Senior Picnic in the Park

Dad called this morning to let us know that Mom and her gang from Menno Home were going to be at a picnic in the park, an event put on by the community. I thought that is a pretty great way for the kids to see Oma as going to her tiny little room at the home is not always an easy visit.
We headed there and hung out with them for about an hour. The kids could play and run back and forth and Oma could have her fill of seeing them.
It was a good visit, even though she complained about how cold it was every few minutes. When it came time for lunch Dad asked her whether she wanted a hamburger or a hot dog. Somehow those choices seemed strange to me for a group of seniors but I guess you never get too old to eat party food. Since Mom couldn't remember what a hot dog was Dad got her a hamburger and they found a place to sit at one of the tables. We took this as our cue to leave so the kids all hugged Oma goodbye and we were off. Hudson said that Oma always looks so sad when we say goodbye. I wasn't sure how to explain to them that I was sure Oma probably thinks that every time we see her may be the last time, even though we know better. Visits with Mom are often hard but this particular one, whether it was the setting or just her mood, was a pleasant one. I am so thankful for those visits...especially for the kids who don't as easily remember how she used to be.


Anonymous said...

You had me hold back tears when you mentioned that your Oma may think this may be the last time she's sees you all. It's been a month for us as I know you know. Cherish those times with her, love her and let her love you in return. Laugh about all the memories. Share in all that she has been to you and your family. There will be parts of you that you know are parts of her, parts of her that have made you the person you are today. Hug her! Cry with her! You never know what tomorrow brings...it's still too fresh in my mind...I miss my grandma tons...I'm so glad you got to spend the afternoon with her....in the park...in nature...enjoying all the beautiful bits of this amazing world!

Mary said...

Love how Reagan is sharing her sweatshirt with Oma to keep her warm!!