Monday, July 25, 2011

Her first Nationals

Well, it was exhausting...but that is definitely not all. It was a great experience and she had a great time.
We arrived on Monday afternoon to a very hot Calgary. The event was held at SAIT (South Alberta Institute of Technology) and we stayed in university residence. Which apparently means no air conditioning. So combine the extremely hot rooms and sharing a very small bed with Reagan...well, let's say that sleep was pretty hard to come by. But on to the good stuff....
Reagan and her team competed all day on Wednesday and came away with 7 first place ribbons and 1 third place ribbon. There was some pretty good competition out there for them from Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. Skipping has not taken all the provinces by storm...yet. Needless to say, the girls were thrilled with the outcome.

Thursday was individual day and unfortunately Reagan did not qualify to compete as an individual. Only the top 8 from each province compete and Reagan placed 9th. So this day was a day of watching and cheering on her team mates, and also a lot of just hanging out with her friends. One of my favorite things about the skipping team is the comradery that forms between the girls. 
They ended the weekend with an ice cream social and dance on Thursday evening. Lots of silliness and giggles and fun.
Her first Nationals was a success and a great learning experience going into next year.

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