Tuesday, October 4, 2011


With Tony having season tickets for the Seahawks this year, it means quite a few trips into Seattle. So far, the boys have all been taking turns going with him. This weekend was Hudson's turn but instead of just sending the two of them on their way, we all joined them and spent the afternoon in downtown while they were at the game.
We dropped them off by the stadium and all the crazy tailgaters. You can see by Hudson's smile here that this is a super good day for him. Football and Dad...nothing better.

Then we drove back the few blocks to find a place to park over by Pike Market. I haven't been to the market for years and years so it was fun to be there again and just hang out for a while, see all the fresh produce everywhere, bins and bins of beautiful flowers, and the smells everywhere of all the different foods being sold on every corner.

After we had wandered the market a bit we headed up Pike Street for Cooper. He really wanted to go to the Seattle Seahawks Pro Shop and Nike Town. Taggart did not enjoy this part of the day. Shopping is not his thing.

Luckily, Nana had an idea to go on the monorail. We took that over to the Space Needle and Taggart enjoyed the ride. His only complaint was that it wasn't long enough.

We didn't go up the Space Needle but there was enough green space over there to keep him happy until we headed back over to the Market area where we would soon meet up with Tony and Hudson.

Then we all reunited back at the market just before the rain started to fall. A perfect time to head home.

If you are asking "Where's Reagan?" She spent the weekend living it up in downtown Vancouver with some friends. We missed her but I think she quite enjoyed her 'brother-less' weekend.



Anonymous said...

Wow, love the colour at the markets! And the photo of Taggart hugging Cooper is cute. Probably Hudson had more fun than any of you judging by the grin on his face! Love, Leni

olivia said...

I was in Seattle this weekend too! For my first time ever. And I also went to Pike Place! I'll be there pretty much every other weekend now that Angus is back there for school, so let me know if you go again!