Thursday, February 9, 2012


Some FYI for Cooper and Hudson.

When you spend too much time on your iPod, I will tell you to shut them off.

When it's not raining and sun is out, I will send you outside.

When you think that I think you are playing hockey but you sit right outside the front window on your iPods again , I will see you.


Anonymous said...

Love it! So great! Made me laugh just a tad!

David said...

I often wonder how we will navigate this issue with our kids when they get older. I also fear having screen zombies one day...
Good luck in the meantime, let me know what worked for you :)

Heidy said...

David..nice to hear from you. "Screen time" is a constant challenge around here, with some of the kids more than others. I'm not sure I have yet found what works.

P said...

Love your Blog. Such great adventures and honest stories about your family. Thank you for making your readers feel included. Keep on writing and all the best!
Prudence :)