Friday, February 3, 2012

Sick day

Today is the third day that Tag has been home from school with a bad cold and cough.
 We have played a few games.

Watched a lot of TV and movies.

Had a special lunch.

We even played a little mini hockey when he had little bursts of energy.

And last week on the heels of my "parenting is hard" phase I put up these two little frames our kitchen.
Positive Reinforcement.

As you can see, Reagan and Hudson are ahead of the other two on the caring front. When you get 10   I will have a little treat for them.
Last night Tag filled this in for Hudson. Hudson was seriously touched. Hudson always has love for Taggart, but Taggart rarely shows it in return. Apparently, being a little under the weather brought out a little nore of his caring side.
In case you can't read it:
Husbun (Hudson),
I love you because you are always so nice to me.
                                         {heart} Taggart
Hudson thought it was especially cute that his name was spelled funny and that his heart looked like a big red dot.

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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you are sick Taggart and hope you are soon back to your little happy self. But make sure you still tell people how you love them. See you in 7 sleeps!! Auntie Leni