Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween...come and gone.

This year Halloween did seem to come in a hurry and then was over just as quickly. I've said before its really not my favorite holiday but because of the kids I try and do my part. They always complain that I don't decorate the house. They're right...I don't. I'm saving up my decorating energy for Christmas...which I love.
But let's not get ahead of ourselves. 
We  ALL carved pumpkins.

Three dressed up but I only have a photo of two.

Three trick-or-treated.

One gave out candy because he is too old to go out anymore and that pretty much sucked but at least I bought a lot of candy so he got the leftovers. No photo of that either.

This is the first year that I don't have a photo of all 4 of the kids in costume. Something definitely sad about that but things don't stay the same do they. And to prove it I went out yesterday and bought some Halloween decorations for the front of the house at 75% off. Nothing too scary know I wouldn't go that far. They will just have to wait until next October to see what goes up. 


Sonya said...

Wow! Awesome pumpkins!

Our oldest is 17 and she still goes trick-or-treating. Not that I mind. As long as she keeps sharing her loot with me she can keep going out. :)

selin turan said...

olivia said...

I love the picture with the corn on the con! Haha so great!

olivia said...

cob..and from the previous post..