Saturday, November 24, 2012

Our mini adventure

It all started with a call from Tony to say that he had forgotten his laptop and could I please bring it out to him at Cultus Lake where he was working today. Taggart and I had just arrived home from his early morning hockey practice and we were just about to start our Saturday chores. It was just Tag and I this morning. H and R were both at sleepovers and C was still sleeping.
So back in the car we went to deliver a laptop.
It's not a long drive - maybe 1/2 an hour. The sun was out and Tag and I didn't mind at all postponing our chores for a little road trip. "Especially if we get to see Dad even for a little bit", Tag said. We stopped for a Starbucks. Peppermint mocha for me and a gingerbread steamed milk for Tag. (He had really wanted to try one - turned out it wasn't his favorite).
We dropped off the laptop and headed back home. As we drove through Yarrow we spotted a little store all decked out for Christmas. I was curious so I asked Tag if he wanted to stop. "Sure". The store was cute and had lots of nice Christmas things. They were sampling hot apple cider so we had some of that, looked around a bit and were on our way. We were in the car for only a couple minutes before Tag spotted a park. Tag spots lots of parks and he always asks to stop. Most often the answer is no, as we are usually on our busy way. Today, I thought, we can stop. He poked around the little store with me so I can hang out at the park for him.
He happily played by himself and checked out all the equipment. Probably checking it all out to see if it was worth a return trip some day. Then he found a skate park. He was really wishing that he had his scooter for this one. But he didn't. It didn't really seem to damper his spirits at all.
Our stop at the park was probably only 20 minutes. Not long but long enough for him. "Thanks for stopping Mom", he said as we drove away.
Tag is the fourth child and because of that he gets left to his own devices a lot. I know that I don't spend as much time hanging out at the park with him as I did with Cooper and Hudson when they were his age. Today was a good reminder that a little goes a long way. And that Tag is never happier as when he is outside.
So glad we shared this mini adventure.

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