Friday, July 26, 2013


I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to get back to my blog for way too long. I'm not really sure why I ever really let it go.
I used to say (back when I was a good blogger) that things never really happened if they don't show up on the blog. Like having them there up on the screen made them somehow more real. I know that really isn't true but i also know all those moments (big and small) in our lives seemed to stick tighter into my memory when I blogged them. And that is one reason why I am attempting (again) to document our lives in this way. Another reason why I am here again is because the other night I spent a few hours going through photos, organizing and editing the ones that have been taken in the last year or so. The number of photos I had to go through was significantly less than in other years. That made me sad but still as I looked through the ones I had...memories come flooding back. And i remembered why I love photos so much and why documenting them along with the story they hold is so important to me.
So before I get too caught up in this feeling of what I have possibly forgotten or missed in our lives over the past while, I will instead look to the present and take pleasure in the little things that make me smile right now.
We are half way through our summer and we have had the best weather I can remember having for a long time. We've been to the lake a couple of times, done the waterslides and had spent lots of time in the backyard.
These photos are from yesterday at Cultus Lake when I found this perfect potato chip in my bag. (who goes to the lake without potato chips??)
I {heart} summer!

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