Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our backyard in the summer

There are a lot of reasons why summer is my favorite. Our backyard is definitely one of those reasons. There's so much great stuff happening back there.

It's a really great place to have an 11th birthday party surrounded by all your best friends. Reagan wanted to watch a movie at the end of her party but the backyard provided way too much fun...they never made it inside or even out of their bathing suits.

Backyard picnics are some of my favorite summer memories. This night it was just my three boys and I (Tony worked late and Reagan was at camp). Pizza, sushi, and my fave Oma picnic blanket.

The pool has become a summer staple. Even thought I haven't personally stepped foot into it this year, it's still a backyard favorite of mine. Sounds of splashing and screaming kids is a sound of summer.

The garden. Tony works to make it lovely and it really is. I bug him about his obsession for watering but I know that's what makes it so beautiful.
This limelight hydrangea is new this year and I love looking over the deck railing and seeing it there against the purple hibiscus.

This little yellow birdhouse is also a new addition this year. Tony isn't loving it as it's not a flower but I like how it looks hanging over the pink roses.

The dahlias against the back fence and the way the setting sun shines through them each night.

The sunsets. They are always different and I never get tired of them.

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