Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Porch time

This past weekend we were lucky to go and spend it with my brother and sister-in-law at their cabin at Lac le Jeune.
The last time we had all been there together was back in 2009 so it was definitely calling us back.
Here's our weekend story the best way I like to tell photos.

The kayaks were a big memory from our last visit and they were something the kids wanted to do first. Lots of time spent on those, especially by Taggart who has happy he could go by himself this time.
They tried their luck at fishing but came back empty handed both times. Taggart called this the "speed boat" which we all thought was pretty funny. You definitely weren't breaking any speed records with this boat.

Cooper and Tag dropped these two off at the dock and "sped" away.

But then it started to rain so Cooper "sped" back to rescue them.
 A mad dash for the cabin as the raindrops came heavier and steadier. We were treated to a whole variety of weather, including and thunder storm.
Spying on the bald eagle's nest.
Some time relaxing on the dock.

Some knife throwing.

Oh ya, Uncle John and Opa showed up for a visit on Saturday and hung out with us for a while.
(not sure what that face is all about)

Lily and Leo had a lot of fun together.

The water was freezing but a few braved it anyway.

Tony needed his Starbucks fix so him and the boys buzzed into Kamloops Sunday afternoon and brought them back to enjoy on the porch.

And a few more to round out the weekend.
Thanks Rudy and Tina for a lovely time.

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