Sunday, August 25, 2013

A good sign

As Hudson and I left the walk in clinic tonight and headed over to the pharmacy to fill the prescriptions for the horrible mouth sores he's been dealing with, along with a fever, for the past three days this is what we saw.

"Hudson, that's got to be a good sign" I said. "We are driving right into a rainbow. Your misery is going to end soon."

And when we arrived and saw that our destination was directly under it I was even more sure. There has got to be some relief for him in there.

Now we are home. He has taken the pills, he has done the mouth rinse (not enjoyable) and he has put on the topical numbing cream.
We are hoping for great things in the morning. 
Rainbow or no rainbow.

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Anonymous said...

Oh Hudson, I am sure by the time you get this message you will be feeling wonderful!!! Rainbows are always a good sign. Love, Aunty Leni