Friday, September 6, 2013

Taggart turns 9

We were in Seattle on Tag's birthday for the second year in a row. We like to spend the Labour Day weekend there to do some back to school shopping and just a last hoorah to summer.
So here's how it went down:

 Birthday presents in bed

Counting some of his loot. {Sorry Nana...I know you probably would have preferred that I crop you out of this shot but you being there in the bed with him is part of the memory. I hope you agree. :)}

Breakfast at McDonalds. Tag loves McDonalds hashbrowns...I mean LOVES. I think he ate 4!

Then back to the gum wall so Tag could add a 'T9'. Good thing I had hand sanitizer in my bag.

 Then off to get ready for "Ride the Ducks". If you haven't done this tour of Seattle, it is really worth it. We have seen the boats driving around the city everytime we go and we decided it was time to check it out. Such a great way to see the city and the driver was not only very informative but also very funny.
You can just imagine how fun those quackers would be. (insert sarcasm here)

Tony let the driver know that it was Tag's birthday so he pulled him up into that special seat, put his captain hat on him and had the whole boat sing "Happy Birthday" to him. Definitely a highlight for Tag.

Then we found a Mexican restaurant for dinner as Tag's only birthday dinner requirement (every year) is that there are tacos.

When we were done in the city we headed back to our hotel for a swim in the pool and the hot tub.

This hot tub where just before we headed back up to the room, Tag decided to do one more jump in.

Which resulted in his leg smashing into the side so hard that he split it open. So a quick rush back up to the room with first aid not far behind where it was determined that it required stitches.

So off we went to the nearest emergency room.

Dad trying hard to keep up Tag's spirits.

Not too bad.

When we finally got back to the hotel, it was midnight. He stretched his birthday out to the last minute. But now of course, everyone was starving so we ordered up some room service, watched a little TV and called it a night. A birthday we won't soon forget.


Anonymous said...

Gush gosh, you packed a lot into one day! Glad all to see all the photos too and nice to see a smiling Tag face as a last one! Hudson seems to be better too!
Great grin Tony, lasting memory for sure! Leni

olivia said...

this is my favourite post so far! wasn't expecting that surprise ending, i hope tag's leg is ok! having so much fun catching up on your blog right now! thanks!