Thursday, September 19, 2013

1 year.

One year ago today I said a final goodbye to my Mom. There have been a few times that I wanted to blog about it but never really seemed to have the right words.
Well, I still don't really have the right words. But it's time to blog about it anyway.
Anybody who has lost a parent knows it doesn't really matter how old they or you're never ready to let go. Mom's last couple years with us were not good ones. There were moments of goodness, but generally those are the times that I would rather not remember. And as this year has passed, I find that the good memories of her are returning and the bad ones are disappearing. I am thankful for that.
I had a lovely Mom...who loved to cook and bake, tend to her garden...and most of all loved to be with her family. Even more if there could be a baby in her arms. And with 6 of her own, 14 grandbabies, and 7 great grandbabies...there was good share for her to hold.

I miss calling her when I have a question about what I'm cooking for dinner.
I miss talking to her about my kids.
I miss taking the kids over there for pancakes.
I miss her hugs.
I miss her.

Love you Mom.


Anonymous said...

So well said my dear sister. How we miss her but thank you to her for instilling in us the love for family, each other. A strong & wonderful legacy! Leni

Anonymous said...

I just by chance decided to check in on your blog. Thanks for this post. I miss her too. A lot. She was a beautiful woman and thankfully her beauty still shines through all of us.. Xo

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures. One can see the love that is there and although departed not lost or gone. I have found myself thinking, I'll have to tell Mom about this or the other thing when I call here; but the remember she not with us on this plane now. Save it for later. Thanks for sharing.