Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Apple pie cookies

When I saw these cookies I knew they were something I would have to make for Cooper. He loves pie....especially apple pie.
I also thought they looked really pretty and a perfect cookie for fall. (although it is supposed to reach a humid-ex of 39* today so Fall it ain't)

When Cooper saw them afterschool he got excited...really excited.
"Mom, these are quite possibly the best thing you have ever made"

"No seriously Mom, you MUST make these again"

"Are they a lot of work?" he asked.
"Not too bad." I said. I won't tell him they came from store bought pie crusts and store bought apple pie filling. At 15 years old, there isn't too much that I can do these days to impress him. I'll hold on to this secret for a while.


Mary said...

They are so cute.

Anonymous said...

They look very yummy!! And I can just picture Cooper getting excited. No, he doesn't care they are not made from scratch but he cares cause they were made with him n mind which is tops! Love, Leni