Monday, August 12, 2013

Our city day

We all love a day in the city and because it doesn't happen that often, we pack as much as we can into that day. I thought the plan was going to be me taking the kids in and then meeting up with Tony later, after he was done work, for dinner. But as it turned out..he took the day off and we all went in together. I decided that my iphone was the only camera I wanted to carry around. When I looked at the photos later I wished I had taken my Nikon but....nevermind, as the memories are still the same.
We started the day off at Krause Berry Farms in Aldergrove.  Mary was meeting Nana there so it seemed the perfect place to have breakfast before heading downtown.

At Krause there is every kind of berry treat you could want but Taggart decided that nothing would do. My only rule is that he couldn't have ice cream or french fries for breakfast. Not unreasonable, I didn't think. He spent some time sulking while the rest of us enjoyed our shortcakes, pies and waffles. Cooper finally took him back to look again and he came back with a piece of corn pizza. A perfectly suitable breakfast.

I tried to get Nana into this photo but she was darting out of the sun so you'll just have to trust that she was there.

Our next stop was Capilano Suspension Bridge. The day was hot and sunny but underneath the canopy of all the trees we stayed nice and cool.

Hudson, in his usual fashion, spent the day ahead of all of us doing his own thing. We caught up with him at the end and I was able to snap this photo of all 4. One of my faves of the day.

Next stop...Granville Island. Always a favorite of the kids. A wander through the market provides so much for the senses. Love seeing all the perfect produce stacked neatly and there are so many choices of treats that everyone can choose their favorites for lunch.

A trip through the Kids Only market always means some new silly toys to bring home. Cooper was on the hunt to add to his LEGO minifigure collection. Hudson and Tag found some gag toys at the magic shop. Reagan found nothing but didn't mind at all. That girl's a saver, not a spender.

A gag knife for Tag and a gag gun for Hudson.

We even managed a couple family photos.

But not without bunny ears. At least they provide real smiles, not fake ones like I usually get.

Then we were on the move again. We headed down to the beach to watch the sunrise and just hang out. Of course, kids were hungry again so we picked up some pizza for Tag. Hudson, and Reagan, sushi for Cooper and burgers for Tony and I.

I tend to find we eat our way through the city with four ever hungry kids but the smiles here look like everyone was happy and satisfied. Great day.
(Apologies to Jake and Mary, as they actually joined us during parts of our day, but somehow never made it into the photos. We so loved that we could meet up with you. Thanks for fitting our plans into your day.)

A perfect view.


Anonymous said...

Did you get my comment? I think I am to doing it right and it was a good one too! Bugga! Leni

Mary said...

It was a fun day.
(I always try and leave comments but it never works. Hopefully this time!)
Aunty Mary