Monday, June 23, 2008


The fresh face of six.
She made it through her sixth birthday with flying colors.The day started with Reagan opening up her gifts, which included a new big girl bike. Her very first bike of her own that wasn't a hand-me-down boys bike.
Then off to breakfast at McDonalds for the whole family. Birthday breakfasts are a tradition that Tony started years ago with the kids and at that time they were just with him and the birthday kid. But over the years the rest of the family got invited along.
Then we headed to the bowling alley for a party with all her little friends. They bowled, ate hotdogs and pizza, opened presents and had cupcakes. We had a little craft planned but we ran out of time - luckily Reagan didn't mind when I told her that she could still do the craft at home.
When we got home from the party Aunty Mary, Olivia, Rochelle, and Jake were already there. We enjoyed a fun afternoon with them - Reagan trying out her some of her new things and just good old hanging out.
Opa also dropped by to give Reagan birthday wishes and a lovely bag of candy (nothing better for Reagan). I think he enjoyed just sitting back and watching Reagan enjoy her day.
Reagan had requested tacos for her birthday dinner so we decided to go with a fiesta theme. I hung a few decorations and we had umbrellas in our drinks.
Then a few more gifts to open and a bit more play.This 'skip-it' wa a gift from Nana and a big hit. It didn't take her long at all to get the hang of it.
The day ended with build our own ice-cream sundaes for dessert (Reagan is not a 'cake girl').
As I tucked her into bed we talked about the day a little and how she had such a fun day doing all the things she loves. Being with her friends & family, playing outside (her absolute fave), having her big cousins visit, eating ice cream (another fave). She had an absolute joy of a day and I don't think anything could have been better for her. I was amazed at her ability to handle all the excitement with such calmness - not one tear all day. I was really proud of her and I can't remember any of the kids birthdays that I have enjoyed as much as this one. I think over the years I have sometimes let all the choas and busyness of the day take over and I forget to stop and enjoy the day with them. I was very conscious of that this year and it was so much better.
Happy Birthday my baby girl - mama loves you.


mary said...

It was a great day. I also think Reagan did such an excellent job not getting overwhelmed with all the excitement. We really enjoyed ourselves - can't wait until the next get together!

mary said...

I also meant to say - what a lovely photo of Opa!

Anonymous said...

I agree Mary, lovely photo of Opa and love the one of you and Reagan at the end - I hardly see your face on the blog although I understand why of course. Looks like a great day for Reagan - the bike looks really nice and love that skip it thing. 35 sleeps!!