Sunday, June 8, 2008

Weekend photos

Saturday was Lyndon and Erin's wedding. It was beautiful and Erin was gorgeous. But of course, in my heart, my kids stole the show. I know they're mine and I'm biased and I probably shouldn't say it but... "Aren't they just so cute?".

Here's the photos:My handsome boys
Notice that Tag is carrying Evie's bouquet. :)

My kids were so happy to see Evie and spend time with her. Tag actually cried when he had to say goodbye to her. Looking forward to July when they come back for another visit.It was a great day and the kids were troopers. Such a great memory, for Reagan especially, the fancy dress and fancy hair-do. She didn't want the day to end.

This morning we all slept in and had a family day together at home. The weather held again and we even got outside. Shouldn't be surprising since it's June but let's not talk about the weather anymore...

A good old game of football

which always turns into wrestling.Love this one of Tag pulling up is pants
And on a completely different note - something about my girl. Of course I love my boys and I do not have a favorite child but I am so thankful that I was blessed with a girl. And the fact that I got this girl is another blessing in itself. She is happy and funny, she is a joy in my life that I can't explain. I find myself looking at her often, wondering how I ended up with someone like her. How did I get so lucky? She makes me want to be the best Mom that I can be. Girl power!


Anonymous said...

Heid, the kids looked adorable. So that is what you were up to this weekend. what did you find to wear, there was of course, no pic of you.
chat soon

olivia said...

they all look adorable. i love reagan's dress, and tell coops i love his hair!