Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I don't want to forget.
After running really hard all around the yard Taggart stopped for a moment like he was really paying attention to something.
me: what is it Tag?
Tag: My heart is beeping.
me: it's beeping?
Tag: Yup.... Is that good?
me: Yup, that's good.

And another something...

Reached over to 'fix' Coop's hair the other day and he says: "Mom, I've got a thing going here." (dripping with 10-year-old attitude) A thing?
Cooper: I've really been into fashion lately, hey Mom?
me: Ya Coop, you have.
His camo shorts and his red t-shirt are his extent of fashion but in his mind that is a coooool outfit. Bless his heart.


olivia said...

oh my goodness i love cooper.

Anonymous said...

I love your guys, they sure make me giggle sometimes. Love, Leni