Thursday, April 30, 2009

Boy stuff

I've been receiving some pressure to post about what happened here while Reagan and I were away. I suggested maybe he should start his own blog but he hardly even dignified that suggestion with a response.
Tony took the whole week off which was so great for the boys. I thought that Tony would get lots done around the house, you know, tackle that honey-do list, but he had other plans. And school was definitely not on the agenda. Castle Fun Park, the comic book store, the bulk candy aisle, to name a few. But the biggest and bravest undertaking in my opinion was the two night camping trip to Hicks Lake. From the details that have been shared with me I can tell you I am very glad I missed it. It was a very boy-ish, for lack of a better word, trip. It rained the first night so I know at that point I would have packed it in and headed straight for home but not my boys. The hung around the fire, chopped wood, ate lots of candy, and hiked around the lake. I was told that Tag didn't take a liking to the whole camping thing after the first day but I would wager that maybe it was because nobody packed him a sweatshirt. (Sorry Tone - I couldn't leave that out). For all the 'Dad' moments as I like to call them they definitely created some memories that could never be replaced.
But here are a few of my favorite quotes of the week that I heard either through phone calls to me in Palm Springs or when I got back.
- "Again??!!??" from the boys when Tony told them they were going to MacDonald's to eat.

- "It would have been fine if they would have packed warmer clothes" when I asked Tony on the phone whether or not they were freezing at the lake. They really have to learn some independence when they hang out with Dad. After all, Tag is almost Five.

- Tony: "The school called and left a couple messages asking where the boys were".
Me: "Did you call back?"
Tony: "Nope"
(Thanks - that makes it great for me when I have to go back there and face all the teachers)
Dad's have a very different way of doing things but I think it's good for us Mom's to realize that different is okay. The kids were fine, actually much better than fine, even if did wear the same clothes for three days straight.
Here's the photos:


Anonymous said...

Oh no, poor little Taggart!! Love the last 2 photos - Tag looks as though he has definitely had enough and where is the fire? Can't wait to hear the stories!! Love, Leni

Sonya said...

Ha, ha. Men are all the same. Anytime I've left the kids home alone with my hubby (or left my hubby alone for a few days!) there's a whole different vibe. But they always all survive it...somehow! lol

mary said...

Great times. I am very impressed with Tony for doing that trip. Like you say - great memories for the boys.