Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Catching up

I've been wanting to post all about our sun-filled weekend since Monday. But the sun has continued to stick around so I have been busy outside enjoying it rather than sitting on my computer. A very good thing but of course now I have too much to say.
The weekend was filled with this:
Hours of Lego building (Cooper spent his birthday money)
A new bat and ball for Tag
Lots and lots of shooting hoops (and Hudson all of a sudden taking quite an interest on how he looks. Hence, the gel in his hair and the coordinated outfit)
Tony wandering around the yard admiring all his new shoots sprouting from the ground
Monday morning brought spring colds for both these two. But the sunshine was very healing and by the afternoon all was well.

Today, the clouds returned and allowed me to get caught up on some housecleaning and blogging. For all a purpose. Happy Wednesday.

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