Saturday, April 4, 2009

Super Cooper

1. He turned eleven yesterday.
2. He spends a lot of his time in a place I like to call 'CooperLand' and we have to call him back to join the rest of us often.
3. He knows how to have a good time and has no trouble laughing at himself. I think it's one of his best qualities.
4. He still gives me a kiss and hug goodbye in the schoolyard even with his friends around.
5. He knows what he likes and he is very confident in his decisions. This is a quality I know will serve him well one day, but can make for a very big parenting challenge.
6. Has a great love for his brothers and sister and is really good at being responsible for them when I need him to.
7. Really wants to get good grades but doesn't think he should have to do the work to get him there. We are working on this one though.
8. If there are strawberries on the dessert table, he doesn't need anything else.
9. Every family needs a drama king/queen and he's definitely ours.
10. Whatever he happens to be in to at the time (ie. basketball, Lego, Lord of the Rings) it tends to be all consuming.
11. He adds a fantastic dynamic to our family.

Part two in a series of four.


Sonya said...

He sounds like a terrific son. :)

Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday Coop and I remember coloring with you when you were only 18months, it was so fun and you were so cute and then I locked you in the car by accident, thank goodness for BCAA. Boy, does time fly!!

Anonymous said...

Wow Cooper, happy birthday and the photo of you is fantastic!! I missed your birthday because I was in New Zealand doing another 100km walk. Look forward to seeing you soon, Love, Leni