Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend in the life...

I have seen the idea for documenting a whole week in our life and then scrap booking it, either on paper or through blogging. I have seen the idea many times and every time I see it I know it's something I really want to do. How fun and interesting it would be if we could look back to our parents or grandparents and know what went down in one particular normal week of their lives. But the enormity of the project and the thought of carrying my camera around everywhere I went for a week has always stopped me in the past. So last week when I saw, on a favorite blog of mine, to do this idea but on a smaller scale (a weekend) I thought 'I can do that'. So on Friday morning I started documenting all the things I did and taking photos of as much as I could. As you can imagine, trying to blog the details of our entire weekend in one post would be far too much for all of us to handle. So I am going to start with Friday and will post Saturday and Sunday in the folllowing two days.

Weekend in the life... Part I

Friday, May 15th

6:30 Wake up - shower
7:00 Wake kids - do morning stuff.
8:15 Walk kids to school. First Tag to preschool then the rest to SandyHill
9:00 Get home - tidy kitchen
9:15 Check emails
9:30 Scrapbook
10:45 Get Taggart from preschool
11:00 Drive to nursery to buy plants for front planter
11:15 Buy Taggart an ice cream from the nursery cafe so I am able to walk around and look at
plants and he is happy.
12:00 Return home to plant
12:30 Stop to have a popsicle
12:45 Finish planting, Tag plays with his ball
1:00 Clean up
1:15 Go in for lunch - crackers with cheese and cucumber
1:30 Tag watches Handy Manny. I scrapbook.
1:45 Stephanie (neighbor\friend) knock on the door with lilacs for me from her garden
2:00 I wash the dishes, Tag watches another Handy Manny
2:30 Walk to school to pick up the kids
3:00 Get back home for afterschool snacks. Tag finds a Dunkaroo left over from camping and Reagan cries because it is the last one. I improvise with a homemade version. Smiles.
3:15 I sort out all the papers that have been coming home in everyone's backpacks and piling up on the counters for the last few days.
3:25 Send all the kids outside to play with popsicles
3:30 Have my own version of a Dunkaroo - apples and PB. Sit down to watch last half of Rachel Ray
3:50 Get called outside to watch Reagan do a skipping trick.
4:45 Come back in - kids still outside
5:00 Tony calls - he's on his way home
5:15 Start cooking dinner - tacos.
6:00 Tony walks in.
6:15 Dinner
6:40 Hudson on dishes duty - help him clean up
7:00 Head out the door for a walk to the park
8:40 Come home. Littles in the bath, bigs watch a bit of a movie with Tony
9:00 Story with Tag and good night to him
9:15 Blowdry Reagan's hair
9:20 Tuck Reagan in.
9:25 Head downstairs to download the day's photos
9:45 Say goodnight to the boys and head upstairs - bath and bed.
So that's it. As I typed that all up and added the photos I am sorry that I was not even more diligent in capturing everything in a photo. And I know the next two days I was even worse. But it is a start to a project that I will not give up on. Next time I will do better. For now, I am happy to have this glimpse into our everyday lives to pass on for years to come.


Sonya said...

That was fantastic! I totally want to try that some time. Although I may only do one day...to start.

Anonymous said...

I like it! I would always know what you are up to... I am going to show the apple PB dunkaroo to people here at work - they think I am mental eating that. 1 more sleep, Leni