Monday, May 25, 2009

Biking adventures

The track behind our house is the best way to learn to ride a bike when the training wheels come off. All the kids have learned there and now it was finally Tag's turn. He was totally into it and really wanted to go. He had no fear of us letting go of him and was all smiles. Of course there are always a few spills along the way but after a quick hug he was usually ready to go again.
Tony thought this particular sequence of action shots was particularly funny. I'm just glad that I was able to stop myself from landing on him, and I'm telling you, it was really close.

Way to go, buddy! We're proud of you.

Side note: Did anyone notice how high his socks were pulled up? I know that looks goofy and you know that looks goofy but that's the way he wanted them. I kept trying to squish them down and he just kept right on yanking them back up again. Thought I needed to clear that up. :)


mary said...

Way to go Taggart! Next time I come over I want to go down to the track with you. By then you'll be so good at biking I'll have to run fast to keep up with you!
Love, Aunty Mary

Anonymous said...

Well done Taggart!! We knew you would be able to do it all along. Love your socks! Auntie Leni (Miss you buddy!)