Thursday, September 10, 2009

First day jitters

Lots of butterflies this week. They seemed to come at different times for different kids but they all had them (well, Tag, not really - his might come next week when he actually starts school).

Cooper was nervous about starting middle school - would he be in the class that he wanted, all that stuff. Once he got through yesterday and discovered that 'his school rocks', he was all good and actually wouldn't' stop talking about it.

Hudson was all good yesterday morning until after school when he was given his final class assignment and discovered he only had one friend and all the others were in the other class. "One is better than none", I said and he soon recovered. This morning he was feeling good and I even got a smile and a high five as he went to his new class.

Reagan - smiles and happy even when she discovered some of her friends weren't in her class. Her go-with-the-flow attitude makes her life (and mine) easier in times like this.

After school snack yesterday around the table was a good one with lots of conversations. About what was bad and what was good. Encouraging words going back and forth between the kids as they talked about their concerns. I provided the tasty treats and just tried to listen. Here's to a great year for all of us.

My traditional first day of school photos still haven't happened. With Cooper leaving half hour before everyone and Tag still not officially being at school we just didn't make it happen. It will though, even if it has to be staged on a Saturday afternoon.


Sonya said...

K, I want to come over to your house for the after school snacks. They look so yummy!

Anonymous said...

How cool for Hudson & Reagan as most of their friends are in another class, they have a chance to make even more friends. Glad Cooper's school rocks and can't wait to hear what Taggart's thoughts will be. Have a great year guys!! Love, Leni