Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a school night

I had a good bit of fun with this phrase tonight, especially at Cooper's expense. Back to school tomorrow. Honestly though, I am sad to see summer end. Not looking forward to those early mornings and packing lunches.

So as a last hooray, we had a family day today. We started the day at the crack of 10am and by 11:30 we were eating pancakes. We decided to go bowling since the weather was a little iffy. After that we headed back home for snacks, a movie, some b-ball and frisbee in the yard and nachos for dinner. Perfect. A few little remarks about nerves just before bed (cooper and hudson), but nothing too serious.

Here's a few bowling photos. (hard to get good shots inside a bowling alley but we did our best)

Seriously, this girl has fun wherever she is
Tag seems to pretty happy with his performanceBut sometimes the ball took a really long time to reach the pinsSo Tony stepped in to help speed things up and boost his numbersShe had the funniest little move where she lifted her right leg when she let go of the ball. I don't think it was serving her too well but she wasn't at all interested in any of my advice.
Cooper worked hard on his form and thought he was going to pull off a win but Tony's game improved in the last half and he was able to pull off three strikes in a row. Cooper was not impressed.

Serious and solid - that's Hudson
I thought I was okay at bowling but apparently I was mistaken. I think the lane was crooked.
Tony entered the names and yes, CHICKEN is me. I really have no idea why.
Now it's off to bed. After all, it's a school night.


olivia said...

love all the photos, especially the one of coops. so typical. tell them all i say good luck at school and give them a hug from me:)

Sonya said...

I think it was your screen name that threw off your game. Therefore it's Tony's fault that you lost. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the photo of Taggart just waiting - never mind Tag, I always lose in bowling too but it is about having fun!! Chicken? hmm - can't figure that one. Love, Leni