Friday, February 12, 2010

Cupcake bites

Okay, these are seriously cute, right??
Inspiration for these found on the talented Bakerella's website.
So yesterday I rolled, dipped, and decorated my heart out and about 8:00 last night I had 120 of these babies ready to go to school today for Valentine's parties in all their classes.
They taste even better than they look.
Tag came home hyped up on sugar and very excited to open all his little Valentine's. Good day!


Sonya said...

Oh wow! You went to a lot of work with those cupcake bites. I've seen those on Bakerella but have yet to try and make them.

Anonymous said...

Very cute little cupcakes! What is Tag wearing on his head? He makes me giggle. Leni

Heidy said...

I'm not sure what his head wear is supposed to be. Something Valentine-themed I guess. he made it at school. I call it his 'happy hat' but he always makes sure to tell me that is not what it's called. It makes me giggle too.