Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I love soup

I could eat a bowl of soup everyday. I love it. I love making it, I love smelling it simmer in the kitchen, and I feel good serving it to my family. They don't love it the way that I love it though, so sometimes it's a hit, sometimes it's not. Yesterday I made this soup. Sausage, beans, potatoes, chicken and lots of other good stuff. I thought it was a winner - my family wasn't so sure. But I liked this one enough to make it again even if they didn't.

My fondness for soup got me thinking about where this came from. I didn't have to think long. My Mom was the best cooker of soups that I know. It makes me sad to think that I will never have a bowl of her soup again. My Mom showed her love for her family in lots of ways, but her nurturing often came in the way of food. I may try and cook one of her soups and duplicate what she did so well. But it will never be the same. She had little tricks up her sleeve to make them all taste so good. But I also realize that when I was 5, or 9, or even 12 I didn't know how good they were. I think I sometimes even complained about them. So maybe there's hope that one day, years from now, my kids will appreciate that I tried to provide them with tasty dinners and the ultimate - even one day maybe ask me for a recipe or two.

Today though, a salami and cheese sandwich with his name spelled in pretzel letters provided just what this five year old wanted for lunch. Me - I had a bowl of soup. :0)


Sonya said...

I wish I was a lover of soup. The only soups I really like are tomato soup and homemade chicken noodle. Oh, and my mom's borscht. Sadly, my family will only eat my homemade chicken noodle soup, so we don't have soup very often. Your soup looks scrumptious though!

Anonymous said...

Looks so good Heidykins although right now I can't think of eating soup!! Hot here and sticky - 95% humidity so prefer Tag's sandwich. Mom was the best soup maker for sure! I cook Mom's borscht and rollkuchen and I think of her. Love, Leni