Friday, January 29, 2010


Tony always makes sure he takes the day off when it's any one of the kids or my birthday, but he almost always works on his own. But this year he had the day off so I think he wanted to make the most of it.

He wanted all the kids home from school so we could have a family day. (I was wondering if I should feeling guilty for wanting the opposite on my birthday) The kids were willing to make that sacrifice for their Dad. Cooper actually wasn't completely willing, he went to school for his first two blocks, something that he just couldn't miss, but then was home by 10:30.
The day started with letting Tony have a little sleep-in and then the kids brought him a cup of tea.
Then sleep time was over, because it's really hard to sleep with a monkey on your back.
Breakfast sandwiches when Cooper got home. This is the kids singing "How old are you now? Are you 1, are you 2, ......... are you 20....."This is Tony waiting for them to get to the right number.Then we packed up and headed to White Rock. I thought it might be a bit cold but this is where Tony wanted to go so we went.We climbed the big White Rock. A must.
Played some catch.Played some frisbee. Tony keeping Hudson away from it so Tag could get it. Climbed the rock some more. Tag did get up there but cme down soon after. I was feeling very nervous and my nerves were getting on Tony's. I just thought a trip to the emergency room might damper the birthday festivites.
Tony attempted some skipping.Reagan showed him how it's actually done.Follow the leader.The self-timer shot to prove that I was actually there.Then a quick stop for some ice cream and hot chocolate before heading home for dinner.Happy Birthday! We love you!


Mary said...

Hi Ton,
Looks like you had a nice day.
We both seem to have had great birthdays this year!!
Love, Mary
PS I guess I phoned you when you were in the 'sleep' part of your day - sorry!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Tony! What a great way to spend it! Love the photo with the writing in the sand! Love, Leni