Sunday, January 10, 2010


Very lazy, stay-at-home day for most of us today. Reagan spent part of the afternoon at a friends and Cooper and Tony went out for a bit to pick up some supplies for a project in the garage. So these two set up this little scene all ready to eat their lunch and watch the Bee Movie.
Therefore I got a little time to work at my table. It's been way too long since I have created something just for fun, so that's what I did. Little wooden boxes all decorated up for each of them to hold all their special photos that will never make it into the scrapbooks. I got three and a half finished. Will try to post them here when they are all done.

Then Cooper graced us with making dinner. He was so bored for a while this afternoon that when I started to cook the tacos he decided to get in on the action. He quickly decided he wanted to do the whole thing without any help. And he did, even setting the table, which is Hudson's job this week. Everyone enjoyed his feast and there was even a little fighting over the last in the bowls. Good job Cooper. The job is yours!


Sonya said...

Must have been taco Sunday! We had tacos today too. But I see that you put refried beans in yours. Now why have I never thought of that? Next time.

Anonymous said...

Cooper if you get bored cooking for your family, there is always mine - well done, it looks great! Love the table and chairs - how cozy! Love, Leni

Britt said...

I can't wait for the day (if ever) when Caleb tells me he wants to cook dinner!!! You're a lucky woman!!!! Looks delicious too- You can send that handy helper our way anytime:)