Saturday, January 2, 2010

FPOTM - December

This one needs an explanation as to why it's my favorite. I've said before that I often choose favorite photos for the memory they bring, not for the quality of the photo. This is one of those.
Christmas Eve - we are all gathered around the tree to exchange gifts after dinner. Hudson received a design your own car drawing set from Nana. He was determined to open it right away and was having some trouble getting it open and set up. Nana, myself, Tony all offered to help, fearing that he might break it if he kept trying without success to get it right. He refused all our help. Eventually he got it and right there on the carpet, amidst all the wrapping paper, feet, hustle and bustle of others opening gifts, he set to work designing his car. This is soooooo Hudson. It reminded me of when he was three years old, determined to put on his own socks, or something else like that which is hard to do when you're three. He would yell and get frustrated and sit there for what seemed like forever, but would never allow me to help him. Eventhough, sometimes his determination/stubborness can drive me crazy, I love it about him.

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Mary said...

I can't believe that he didn't break it!!! If you ever see that thing again can you buy one for me because Jake really wants it. Thanks