Monday, January 25, 2010



Taggart goes to a friends house. Success. Rave reviews of good manners, sharing, etc.
All the things a mom wants to hear.

Taggart's friend comes to our house. Not a success. Whining, not sharing, complaining.
All the things a mom does not want to hear.

It was getting to the point that I threatened no more playdates for a while.

Threats don't usually work. Usually.

Today we had a playdate.

At our house.


The sound of two little friends playing happily.

Music to this mom's ears.

Sidenote. These two called eachother 'dude' all afternoon. So funny to eavesdrop on little conversations.
My favorite of of the day:
Friend: Isn't it weird when you're playing with a friend and then they start being mean to you? That's so weird, isn't it?
Tag: Totally, dude.

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Anonymous said...

Two cute little dudes!! Love, Leni