Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's official

Since the beginning of the month Reagan is officially part of the Abbotsford Skipping Sensations.
She was very excited about. It's what she wanted. She said she was sure.
Since that time, there have been a few times when she didn't seem so sure.
Before Christmas, she practiced 3 hours a week. Now she practices 5 1/2 hours a week.
It leaves little time for much of anything else. Sometimes it feels like skipping is her life.
Sometimes I wonder if she's too young for this. Too much, too soon. But I watch her skip and the fun she has and I feel like she has really found her 'thing'.
Her bag arrived this week. The official team bag with her name stitched on it. That was big.
This has been the first week that she hasn't complained even a little about going to practice, since January 1st. Maybe it was just a bit of a transition time and she's gotten herself back into the groove. As her and I walked home from practice tonight she said "I think I made the right decision to join the team." Practice was good today. Here's hoping that feeling stays. We are definitely proud of her and happy that she's found something that she loves so much.


Sonya said...

That is so cool. I wish that we would have had skipping teams when we were in elementary school.

Anonymous said...

Oh Reagan, you should be so proud! It is good to commit to something and be the best that you can be, even though it takes some work. I look forward to seeing you skip when we come to visit at Easter! Love, Auntie Leni