Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthdays, Easter, Birthdays, and a little more Easter

I finally got around to downloading and editing all my photos from the whirlwind of a weekend we just had.

Lots of chocolate Easter eggs and birthday candles.

Cooper turned 12 on Saturday and my Dad turned 80. (again) Dad's birthday was actually in February but we through him a party this weekend to celebrate it with all those who came from farther away and couldn't be here then.

Friday and Sunday we had a little bit of Easter, complete with a hunt for eggs in the backyard. We thought we might have to do the hunt indoors this year but the rain and wind let up for a while and we all bundled up in our winter woolies, well some of us did. Spring...where are you??

Monday, we celebrated a bit more birthday for Cooper because his day was a little overshadowed by Opa.

Here's the whole thing in photos:This is Jake giving Cooper a hard time becuase we all knew where his last egg was hidden but he couldn't find it.Opa's party at Mt. Lehman Hall. Anita, Leni and Cooper.
Micah, Mark, baby Wesley, and Tag
Lots of baby time with Wesley.
A little foosball.
Evie had a secret for Tag.
More baby time - Leni and Naomi
The kids table
Happy Birthday Dad!
Jordan and Tag - head to head.
Back to the yard on Sunday for another hunt. Tag couldn't find his basket so he thought he might rub the buddha's belly for luck. It's hidden right behind the little statue.
Smiles! Off now to go spend some quality time with my dear sister who seems to have just gotten here, but is now already leaving tomorrow.

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