Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This confirms it...

All the photo-taking, editing, printing, all the scrapbooking, memory-keeping, blogging. It brings me enjoyment, but most of all, I do it so my kids will have a record of their lives. Hopefully, even their kids, and their kids' kids.

Yesterday, Oma and Opa came for dinner and Opa shared a memory he had of taking Cooper to the park when he was just a little guy and how he still takes walks in that park now and often thinks of the times he spent there with Cooper. So I pulled out the album that had some photos of that time. That led to all the albums being pulled out and the kids were spread out all over the living room floor 'remembering' stuff.

This sweet quote from Reagan confirms the reasons why I spend the time doing what I do:
"It's really fun remembering all the happy times in my life."
phot0 taken Oct. 2009

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Anonymous said...

I love the photo of Reagan and yes, how nice it is to remember 'stuff'. Something I don't do enough...Love, Leni