Monday, September 6, 2010

Goodbye Summer

To end our summer vacation we decided to make a trip downtown to meet Tony and see where the afternoon took us. Daniela joined us. (we've adopted her as our crazy aunt)
We started out at False Creek by Olympic Village. Thought we would check it out after seeing my friend's visit there on her blog.

We hung out in the sun by the water for a while until Tony called to say he was done work. Then we drove downtown to meet him for a bite to eat.
Crepes on Robson - sooo good.

SOOOO messy. Taggart's t-shirt was so dirty after finishing his I considered buying him a new one. Really - it was that bad.
After walking around for a bit and a little shopping. New shoes for Tony and I, nothing for the kids. This happens like....never!
Then we again got in the car and drove to the beach to get some dinner and hang out.
Literally hanging out.

The kids just love these guys. Daniela said they sort of freak her out, which made me laugh. I think they are just so friendly looking.
After our dinner of pizza, burgers, fish-n-chips, and sushi. Seriously! Our first mistake was asking the kids what they wanted. I'm not sure what made us think that they would all give us the same answer. Luckily we were surrounded by restaurants that offered us all the choices we needed. And then the cupcakes.

Does it seem like we just ate our way through the city?? I think we sort of did.

The beach was great and we stayed until the sun went down.

Not sure what was so funny here, but it sort of cracks me up.

Goodbye summer. We'll miss you!


Sonya said...

Oh wow! I just love that last photo of the sunset. It's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Heidy...what a lovely photo to remind you of summer! Did you see the massive sparrows in the Ahtlete's Village? My girls loved them. I'll miss summer too...I think I'm still in denial that it is over!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Heidy! Love the one of Reagan and the smiley man and Cooper looks sooooo cool with those glasses. All those summer beach photos make me look forward to my summer even more. Love, Leni