Friday, September 10, 2010


The list in my head of what I want to get organized throughout the house, has been consistently growing longer and longer for months.
September was always the magic month in my mind of when that would start happening. Kids all in school, it seemed there would be endless time to get it all sorted out.
Endless time there is not, I am realizing, but yet I am getting things done. and it feels good.
Yesterday, I tackled the pantry shelves in the garage. After a trip to Costco to stock up on things to fill the lunchboxes I set to work. Isn't it lovely??
Easy for little hands to grab whatever thy want for snack that day.

Anybody notice the wine bottles in the background? Mama needs a reward now and then, doesn't she?


Sonya said...

Love it! I wish I had the space to do that.

Anonymous said...

Looks good - I'm coming over for the wine! Love, Leni