Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little skipper

And the skipping season has officially started.
Of course they have been in practices for about 6 weeks now but this weekend she had her first tournament.
Fortunately, we were the host team so there was no traveling involved. The whole thing took place at the high school we can see from our back window.
Reagan loves these events and she never seems to get nervous before her events.
Their head coach is so great at putting the girls together on teams that they always seem to excel and come away with lots of ribbons. And of course, lots of ribbons mean lots of smiles.
Even in the events that Reagan thought they did horrible, her team placed second. It was a good learning weekend for her to realize that we are not good at something the moment we try it. Things worth learning take time and work and patience.

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Anonymous said...

You are such a champion Reagan! Well done for all the ribbons! Love, Auntie Leni