Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The red cup is back.

Christmas has definitely already been on my brain lately. Making lists of gift ideas, things to do, all that stuff. But the awaited red cup at Starbucks confirmed it today - Christmas season is upon us...and I'm good with that. Especially with a peppermint white mocha in my hand and the warm sun on my face. (warm enough for just a t-shirt this afternoon)
But if you look closer on that cup you'll see something that inspired me even more today than my sweet coffee.

I love this. This is why I blog. This is why I scrapbook. To tell our stories to our our kids' kids...and so on. So happy to be reminded of it today.
So here's today's story:
Tag is always well-behaved at school. His teachers in the past have always told me how quiet and polite he is - never a problem. Of course, knowing him like we do at home, this has sometimes been hard to believe, but hearing it time and time again from teachers and on report cards has convinced us. Today was not one of those days. His teacher wanted to talk after school because Tag had a rough day, as she called it. He couldn't focus on his work and he was disturbing others - making it hard for the teacher. I have found myself analyzing this today, trying to figure why he would have done this. Is this a start of some new behaviors to look forward to? He told me he was just really tired today and he didn't want to be at school - he wanted to be at home. Fair enough. Don't we all have days like that? I told him tomorrow will be better.
I know he needs a little extra encouragement with his school work - it doesn't come easy. He would rather be doing just about anything else than practicing his reading or writing.
But as I got dinner ready, him and Tony sat at the kitchen table together doing his homework of putting words together to make sentences.

He did well and got through them all without too much trouble and some good help from Dad.
I especially liked that we was proud of himself. Tomorrow will be a better day.

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Anonymous said...

Love you Tag! Auntie Leni