Friday, December 10, 2010


Loving these cute Santa suckers I found today to give the kids a little treat after school.

Loving this view from my kitchen. The twinkling lights and the Christmas tree all in my line of vision, as I check the kids planners after school or prepare dinner.

Loving these tags I have added to the tree this year. I love text and the way it looks as decor in our home. These are perfect, simply clipped with a tiny red clothespin.

Loving that I have had two days in a row to be mostly at home. Getting a few things done and a little time to relax before the kids get home.

Loving that my laundry is caught up today (well..almost).

Loving these little beads I found earlier this week while in Langley with a friend. Not really knowing what I would do with them at the time but I've tucked them into the greenery above the fireplace and they remind my of icicles hanging down.

Loving that Taggart runs straight down to Nana's after school without even coming inside first. He does it at least once a week and she is always ready to see him and pamper him a bit. They have a whole routine going, I think. He sits in her recliner while she serves him a snack and he watches a little TV to relax and then they "play". Usually his choice is to play 'house', which Nana does with a smile. He is so blessed.

Loving that Hudson has had a great week at school. After going through quite a few rough weeks, things seem to have made a turn. So thankful for a smile on his face these days.

Loving that I know what I'm getting Tony for Christmas. Possibly the hardest person to buy for.

Loving that we have no plans this weekend. None.

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Anonymous said...

I love the way you decorate your house. When you get here you will go from comfort and beautiful to basic and construction. So be prepared and I can't wait. Love, Leni