Sunday, December 19, 2010

Visit to Santa

Went to the mall the other night for our visit to Santa. Went around dinner time so the line-up was not too long. While in the line-up I mentioned to Tony that I wondered how long that Cooper would still do this. Cooper overheard and said he's still totally fine with it. Tony said he'll do it as long as he's asked to do it. Time will tell, I guess.
They were all very cool when it was their turn. Quietly getting into their spots for the photo. After the photo was done, Santa asked them all what they wanted this year. Reagan and Hudson both asked for a board game. They always seem to ask for very generic gifts, making me think that their faith in Santa's ability is not too strong. Tag asked for a monster truck, something that unfortunately he has never mentioned to us. Cooper asked for a girlfriend...Santa's face actually changed expression then and he politely said he would do his best. This is our Cooper.

This is a photo of the photo.
We ended the night with a snack at the food court.

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Anonymous said...

Cooper, with your charm you will have more girlfriends than you can handle. Cheeky boy! Love you, Auntie Leni