Friday, December 3, 2010

This week...

Again I am way behind in my posts so a quick re-cap is the way to go.
On the weekend we headed down south to Bellevue Square to do Christmas shopping. Tony and I do this every year together but this year we decided to take Cooper with us.
He was super excited to go and be the only one that was going.
I don't think he completely understood how exhausting a whole weekend of shopping can be, but he did well and pushed through.
We got lots crossed of our list, with a few Starbucks, dinner at PF Chang's, and a room service breakfast to keep us fueled.
I missed the alone time for Tony and I, but I know this was a memory for Cooper, so well worth it.

The week has been busy with lots of odds and sods, but Reagan and I were able to take a step back in time on Wednesday as we visited Burnaby Village Museum with a school field trip. A really good day.

Last night Tony and I were entertained by a short little show done by the kids. Have you seen the Reitman's TV ad? Well, Cooper does a pretty good impression. So they decided to do a fashion show of do's and don't's of what to wear to school. Taggart came down wearing a dress, a bra over that and a pink cowboy hat. Reagan came down wearing a bikini, socks on her hands and a duck hat. Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough with my camera to catch those two before they burst into a fit of giggles and ran back upstairs. Hudson was the one "do" and the other two were obviously the "don't's". Quite funny and it doesn't seem too often anymore that all of them find something to do together.

Finally, a shot of my desk. It's a good representation of what's in my head right now. Bits and pieces of things that I am working on and trying hard to get done. Looks like a mess, which I suppose it is. But it all makes sense to me.

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Anonymous said...

Man, would have loved to see Tag and Reagan too! Leni