Sunday, August 7, 2011

Maybe others are beginning to see...


Sometimes that is really all we can say about our oldest child.

You have to know him to understand him. There is something just so hard to explain about him.

One day this past June he came home and quoted a comment from his teacher. A teacher he really likes.
"Cooper, the only word that I can think to describe you with is...peculiar." She didn't mean it as a negative and he didn't take it that way. I laughed when he told me because I knew exactly what she meant.

A few weeks ago on a routine trip to the hairdresser, Cooper was sitting in the chair having his haircut and somehow the two of them got into a conversation discussing the difference between spirituality and religion. Don't ask how they got started on that. By the time the haircut was done (about 15 min.) she cut him off in mid sentence. "Just stop" she said. "I can't talk about this are exhausting to talk to." She wasn't being mean and Cooper laughed at her comment, and I did as well because I knew exactly what she meant.

I think others are beginning to see a little of the Cooper we see. The Cooper that exhausts us, baffles us, frustrates us...but also the Cooper that entertains us, amazes us, and most of all makes us proud to be his Mom and Dad.

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