Monday, December 12, 2011

A good day for Reagan

I heard a little about Reagan's excitement today even before I saw her. It was the talk of the school yard. They had "hockey day" at school today. They wore hockey jerseys or t-shirts and they had a hockey assembly after lunch, where some players and the mascot from the Abbotsford Heat showed up.
There was a draw for some prizes and Reagan's name got drawn for the grand prize. The prize being a hockey stick signed by all the players on the team.
Like I said, even before I saw her, I was hearing lots of buzz. Kids saying to me as I passed, "Reagan won the stick", "Reagan won the stick". Seriously, it was big news. Then, there she came around the corner, with the stick proudly in her hand. I'm not really sure that Reagan cares too much about a hockey stick, but the fact that it had turned her into a bit of a celebrity at school made it a very important stick.
Not to mention, that she has some brothers who would love to get their hands on it. I feel that she holds some power in our house right now. She just needs to realize it and then know how to use it. This could potentially become quite beneficial to her.

And to top the whole day off, they got to make marshmallow snowmen in class. What a day!

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