Thursday, December 22, 2011

Knee deep in sprinkles, ribbon and glitter

We have been full on into all kinds of Christmas festivities for the past couple weeks.
Last week at school there was no time for learning as there was way too many Christmas songs to sing, cookies to ice, glitter to sprinkle, and candy canes to eat.

This week the kids are home and we are trying to keep busy so we don't all go crazy. We had a craft night with Reagan and 8 of her friends. Lots of fun and screaming and fun. This is the second year we have done this night and the girls really enjoy it,  I think.

Today, we are decorating gingerbread houses and sugar cookies. I just cleaned up round 1 and now the kids are running around the house like maniacs waiting for round 2.

In between all that I am trying to get wrapping done whenever I can. I have bought only brown wrapping paper this year and I am decorating the packages with yarn and string. I love the way they look under our tree and there is enough color on them that the kids like them too.

We are down to two days for me to get everything done and I am feeling a little overwhelmed as I do every year. Somehow, even though I always think that I am prepared there is always so much to get done at the last minute.

Of course, Christmas will arrive and I will be ready.

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Anonymous said...

If your kids don't have a barrow full of wonderful memories of all your holidays, there is something wrong with them! Love you and I am sure that you were ready and fun was had by all. Leni