Thursday, December 1, 2011

Step One: photos

A couple of weeks ago I dusted off my camera and dragged the kids to do a photo shoot that would hopefully begin the makings of a Christmas card.

My dear friend and photographer (check out her website because I'm really proud of her) offered to come with me and bring her camera to capture some shots of my kids as well. At that point I thought I could probably leave my camera at home, but I didn't.

So, step 1 is done. Next step is to get these into a card to send. I have actually received two Christmas cards in the mail already and I have to say that it freaked me out. How does all this Christmas stuff sneak up on me every year? Happy December 1st everyone!


olivia said...

Taggart is wearing a sweater vest with converse - cutest thing I've ever seen!

Anonymous said...

You are too sweet! Must say...I love that photo of you photographing your kids...must say it suits you...when I need some are only the push of a button away! (Right???)